Smart is Sexy: Best Websites for Brainy Daters

Alikewise – Helps you find other singles with the same taste in books.

OkTrends – This is the blog of dating site OkCupid, where they investigate the meaning of the statistics they gather and the observations they make from behind the scenes. A big kudos to them for getting beyond all the fluff online and presenting real evidence.

UrbanSeeder – Cute site that captures the fun of grade-school secret admirers. Give your crush a “seed” to invite him or her to slowly and anonymously get to know you better online.

The New York Times: Dating and Courtship – A wealth of serious articles containing dating tips and the latest trends.

GreatBoyfriends – Pre-vetted dates! Users recommend people who they think are great catches, and then these endorsements are verified by the site, so you have some reassurance that they are who they say they are. Can be used to find a girlfriend too.

Sex Tips for Geeks – “Hackers don’t have to be helpless chum in the dating-game shark pool. We have some advantages; with a little understanding of human ethology we can learn how to use them effectively.” – A great eHarmony alternative that uses a Ph.D-created system to match “the whole person” – personality, values, lifestyle, communication skills, preferences and attitudes about love and money.

date Buzz – Tell this site the bits and pieces of profiles that you like, and it uses this information to give you better matches.

igniter Group Dating – Rather than spend an awkward hour or two with a stranger, both sides bring their friends along for more low-key, open-ended socializing. Dating – This site is geared towards a Jewish audience, but all singles will want to check out its useful articles written by real experts.

Geek 2 Geek – Lots of geeks in one place – for geeks and those who can’t get enough of them. – I love how this website solves some of the biggest problems with online dating with one simple solution: only women are allowed to initiate contact. Daters looking for a better experience should add this one to their list.