Body Language That Shows She’s Interested

It’s not a secret that men often mistake friendliness for flirtation. Want to avoid another embarrassing situation? Try looking for the following signals.

Playing with her hair
Many women spend a lot of time and energy on their hair, for good reason. Instinctively, well-cared for hair indicates health, status, and conscientiousness. By playing with her hair, she’s showing off.

Calling attention to her mouth
She might eat something slowly, lick her lips, or put on lipstick. You can tell that she has flirtatious intentions if she does these actions carefully and deliberately. Of course, a kiss is what’s she’s after.

Crossing and uncrossing her legs
Like the mouth, the legs are another erotic area. You get bonus points if she’s crossing her legs toward you. Make sure she’s doing it repeatedly – she could just be sitting that way because it’s comfortable for her.

Adjusting clothing to expose more skin
When a woman does this, it’s hard for a man not to notice. Whether or not she makes eye contact can help indicate whether or not it was an intentional sign. Try to pay attention to whether or not her clothes actually needed adjusting in the first place.

Dangling one shoe
Another irresistible move. Again, be sure to confirm this signal with other signs of playfulness. Some women love this move because it can be very effective without them saying a word.

Other positive signs
Raising an arm
Stroking a glass stem or rim
Exposing her neck
Playing with jewelry
Looking down and smiling
Glancing at you sideways
Mirroring your actions
Touching you

Signs that she’s not interested
Wandering eyes
Crossing arms (or keeping them on her hips)
Leaning away
Tapping fingers or feet
Keeping her distance